Some things change but some things never will - the love that God has for us, and the responsibility that we all share to raise up our young people with a foundation of knowledge as they grow in faith in Jesus Christ. In doing so, our hope is that they will grow to live in communion with one another, bearing joyful witness to God’s loving and redeeming work in the world.


What will we be learning this year?

The most important thing to that we can teach our young people is that Kimisis is a safe and healthy place to learn about our Orthodox faith. Our young people have been impacted by recent events in a variety of ways. It’s important that we provide them with basic knowledge about the Orthodox faith while addressing their pastoral needs. 

Our lessons are based on the curriculum of Orthodox Journeys along with other supplemental materials.

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Our Sunday School will be defined by two dimensions:

  1. Communicating the Good News of Jesus Christ to our young people
  2. The formation of Christian Character


We will also strive to incorporate:

Worship—living prayerfully while participating in the sacramental life of the Church

Discipleship—learning and growing together in Jesus Christ

Service—serving the needs of others in a healthy and holy way

Witness—learning how we can fulfill Christ’s mission in the world

Community & Fellowship—guiding our young people as they participate in our parish’s youth ministries in a fun and fulfilling way

Family involvement – Provide families with helpful resources as they nurture their own κατ'οἶκον ἐκκλησία (their own little church")at home.


Note on Safety: Our curriculum and activities are being designed with the safety of our children and volunteers in mind. Our youth volunteers are compliant with the current Archdiocese Policy for Youth Safety

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Children's Liturgy: A helpful guide for young people

KALO PASCHA! A Helpful guide for people at Kimisis Greek Orthodox Church

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Family Gospel Lessons

Altar Boy Manual

About the Myrrophores

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