It is both a part of his vocation and a joy for Father Jason to both meet and pray with God’s people at Kimisis.Appointments can be made to meet with him during his office hours for spiritual guidance, confession, to discuss matters of personal concern.  

Parishioners are also encouraged to contact Father Jason to arrange for a pastoral visitations. This is a good opportunity to receive the sacraments or to simply receive a blessings and prayers for one's particular circumstance. It is important to realize that if one is not able come to church – the church will come to them!

In the event of an emergency, please remember to call our church office. A voicemail is automatically sent to Father Jason.  When in doubt call!!!

Here are a few things to remember about pastoral care:

  • Communicate your pastoral needs to your priest as soon as possible. If possible, do this beforehand. It’s perfectly acceptable to ask to be anointed before medical appointments and procedures. Doing this will not only bring God into the picture, it will help everyone better adapt to changing circumstances (i.e. Covid-19, visitation restrictions, location changes, etc.).


  • It’s important to communicate efficiently. Please never assume that someone else is going to automatically tell the priest that you are in need of pastoral care. A designated person such as an immediate family member should be designated to notify the priest about your needs. If you are hospitalized, you should also notify the hospital staff that you would like to be visited by your parish priest.


  • Please do not text or contact your priest via email or social media in the event of a pastoral emergency!